February 13, 2008

2 more socks finished:) visits and elementals

here you see 2 more socks finished:) I've found I enjoy the excitement of having 2 socks on the go at once:). Wondering which one to work on each time I get the sock bag out:)
Today we had a visit from Vicky and her daughter Perran. They kindly sent some yarn for the hospice project a few weeks ago that they had dyed. It was lovely to put a face to the names:) We had a great time catching up and a trip along the beach in the sunshine. Sadly we had to rush off mid afternoon to pick up the 2 grandsons but we enjoyed the visit. Vicky took the 3 elementals she had ordered:)

I appreciate everyones kindness in wanting these figures and wanted you to know that we will have a nice sum to donate to the hospice from all this as well as the socks of course:))
Mr Mog had his scan yesterday and we are hoping that we don't get any phone calls about it. We have been given (another) list of radiotherapy appointments starting 26th February and we would kind of like to think that they won't be delayed any more than that.
Came home from the walk on beach to a letter for my breast scan, day before Mr Mogs radiotherapy:)


Marianne said...

I am loving both those socks!
So glad you had such a wonderful visit...
Hope there are no more delays!

aniexma said...

Those socks look fabulous. I can't believe how fast you're able to knit them up!

Roobeedoo said...

Great socks!
Hospitals eh? They get more like buses every day (come along in bunches!)
Many thanks for your kind comment on yesterday's outpouring.

maylin said...

As long as you don't get second sock syndrome!

Liz said...

I love those socks, especially the orange stripey ones, they match your name!
I hope Mr Mog is feeling better. Let's hope the sun comes out sometime soon.

Nice to find your blog

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