February 23, 2008

Glastonbury, avalon of my heart

This may or may not be full of pictures, we will see what the wifi access is like:) Pictures from Glastonbury, the B&B Chalice Well etc. We are having the most marvellous time, the weather has been kind no rain at all. Mr Mog looks years younger, all the strain has disappeared from his face. He looks so relaxed and happy:) We haven't done a lot just browsed around, chilled and enjoyed every minute of it. The place we are staying is lovely and quite old. It is on wearyall hill which leads towards the Tor. Our room as you see has a 4 poster and it was rather lovely this morning waking up in a comfy bed looking out over gardens and fields with blossom on the trees. 4 hours away from our home and as you can see from the pictures Spring is well on her way. The food is great, many choices from breakfast and proper linen tablecloth and napkins. Like going back to an earlier age. We will definately stay here again after Mr Mogs treatment is finished.

Most of the pictures are from Chalice Well which has an ancient spring that is supposed to be a healing spring. We certainly think so and that was one reason for coming here so that Mr Mog could drink the waters to help his treatment. As you can see from the pictures it is full of iron, tastes ok though:) The gardens always look stunning and today was no exception. Lots of colour and an unbelievable amount of mistloetoe growing everywhere. There were 2 pieces fallen on the floor under the tree so I brought them home, a gift from the Goddess accepted with thanks:) Not many pictures of the Tor but if you click on the links that follow you can get better ideas of the place. For us Glastonbury is a very special place, magical, mysterious and very welcoming.

The altar with candle that you can see is at Star child They change the decoration for each festival, this I think is from Imbolc? When you go into their shop the aroma of incense is a delight. In face for me that is one of the great things about most of the Glastonbury shops , they all have a wonderful smell to them. Hopefully these pictures have given an idea of the place we are. We return home tomorrow via Derby to see family. BTW I have done some sock knitting and proof can eb seen on the bed:))

Glastonbury tor

chalice well


Kath said...

Sounds like you've had a well deserved and lovely break and I'm so glad its done some good for you both! I always remember stoping in a cafe there and the bottom of the menu said 'Nobodys Karma has been damaged in the production of this Menu' - it amused Hubby and I at the time!

Bryony Ramsden said...

That looks just beautiful - no wonder Mr M is feeling better from it! I might have to suggest a trip away with the man this side looking at those pictures.

While I remember been meaning to email you for ages but life has taken over - the Lace book arrived but I believe I owe you a couple of quid extra on the postage. Give me a shout when you are back and free :)

Linda said...

What lovely pictures. I am glad it is relaxing.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. I love Glastonbury too and would love to stay in a B&B with a four poster bed. If you don't mind I would love to know where this B&B is etc.

Rosie said...

so glad you're having a wonderful break. thanks for sharing the photos, i love the one of mistletoe.

Digitalgran said...

Glad you enjoyed your break and feel it has helped you both. I hope the well waters help with the healing process too. I love the photos.

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the pictures - thanks for taking the time to post them all.

So pleased the break did the trick and Mr Mog is feeling the benefits, which must make you feel better too.

Did you walk the labyrinth in the picture?

Sue Simpson said...

Oh my loves.... so glad you both had a wonderful time. And not surprised that Mr Mog looked so much yonger while there....it has the same effect on me too. I think that the stress and strains of everyday life just fall away. Nothing seems to matter there and worries fall away into the background. I'm glad Bob drank that water, seems to have a really funny effect on me, almost drunk! Give him a great big kiss and squeezy hug from me and tell him Me and Tony are thinking of him.

Love and bright blessings to you both,
Sue xxx

Laal Bear said...

You make me green with envy. I love Glastonbury and have missed it since No 1 son moved from there. Hope you had a brill time . You're right about the smells. ursula x

laoi gaul~williams said...

i discovered your site via Poppie's...i love the photos from Glastonbury :)

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