July 11, 2011


A most glorious day today with sunshine and warmth. Does my bones good to feel the heat. Mr Mog is out in his shed playing, working on his train layout. I can hear him singing along to Status Quo and it sounds good.
Days like these are to be savoured, to be stored up against the unknown.
Thank you so much for the comments on my posts. As you can probably tell I've started to enjoy writing again. It helps to get the chatter out of my head. It has certainly made me feel much better about things. After all I remember a saying my Nanny had. "/The Goddess never gives us more than we can manage". So if you are listening my Lady please remember this.
This feels like a lull, a suspended moment to recoup energies, to be prepared. A week today we visit the oncologist and see how the tests are doing and if things have progressed any more. That is when we have to make decisions on Mr Mog's care. I say we but to be honest I can't make those decisions, much as I love Mr Mog and would do anything for him. This decision has to be his. It is awful to have to stand back, to remain silent. Obviously we have discussed things but that is all.
Mr Mog has a blood test tomorrow ready for next week, I've just rung the nurse to ask her to look at his body, there appears to be a rash, almost like lots of new moles coming. Now Mr Mog insists he had these already but he didn't. Yes he has a lot of moles but not these. I haven't argued but have asked the nurse to check it out, just in case it is something more.
I feel like a fussy hen worrying over her chicks, if I didn't love him I wouldn't do it.
But I do, so I do.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Enjoy the sunshine!

laoi gaul~williams said...

i know what you mean about the sun and the bones~despite being a pale red head i have come to enjoy the sun making me feel better

Leanne said...

wednesday now, and gorgeously sunny here. the sun does lift spirits doesnt it? Ive decided housework can wait, and I am shortly off for a walk to the woods/ fields to enjoy this lovely morning.

a sentence in this post stood out for me Amber.."I remember a saying my Nanny had.The Goddess never gives us more than we can manage".

How wonderful to have that connection to the Goddess down your family line. A link to your ancestors and to the wisdom of your very own elder wise-woman. She was right, too.

love, light and blessings to you

Leanne x

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