July 07, 2011

Creativity and Cancer

I have found that Mr Mog's cancer returning has affected both of us and our creativity.
Part of the reason I think was the suddenness of the return and the severity of the return. No half measures for us, all sweetness and light then wham 12-18 months to live.
So it became the reason for being and the only thing on our minds. Well that didn't leave much time to play or have fun.
Then it changed, don't ask me why I really don't know. Maybe it was the thought that we had to savour each day and live it to the full. Enjoy life and say to hell with cancer. After all it is saying the same to us.

So gradually light came back into the world. Having good friends and supportive family helped a lot. The fact that good friends are also creative helped even more.
We had many cards and gifts sent to let us know we were in peoples thoughts. Most of them we had never met in real life. So many offers of help, a voice on the phone or an email address to write to if we felt low and lost.
Tears on many days and total despair but with the joy that being together gave us.
Knowing that we were in this together, wherever the journey took us.

Mr Mogs new workshop was erected, not without its own problems.That is worthy of another long post but I will wait until they have finished the final tweaking before I say more. We had problems with new electrical items, one word of warning don't think buying local is a good thing. For us it most certainly wasn't.

Then came the day Mr Mog went in his workshop to tidy up, cue several hours later before he surfaced for a cuppa.
A smile on his face and plans for the new model railway that is going in there. Work benches built from scratch and cupboards fitted and filled.
Lots of " what if I build this, put this there, make this?"
It rubs off on a girl you know:)
I couldn't stand by and not play, after all the muse came knocking most firmly on the door. She told me to get the art stuff out. It lifted my spirits, it made me feel alive.
So what if Mr Mog has cancer? So what if they give us a time span for his life. They can be wrong and we are determined to prove them so.
None of us know if we will make old bones, we can't see that far ahead.
Cancer has done us a favour in many ways, it has taught us that yes life is too short. We shouldn't waste it. We need to grasp each day and make it ours.
Life is so sweet and is there to be enjoyed.
Cancer go to hell


Shani said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you both...
Big hugs...from us to you...

Shani and Bruce

Roobeedoo said...

A toast to that! :D

ClaireEJ said...

"cancer, go to hell", I will second that. Mum has chemo number 4 tomorrow and then a scan. She's terrified of not making old bones.
Mr Mog, lovely man, may go on for who knows how long and outlive us all. As they say, from my mouth to God's ears. I would say to the Goddess's ears personally and I hope she's listening.
The shed, perfect for a model railway, so much better than having it in the way of the spinning wheels! Long may Bob live to enjoy it.
Hugs to you both. Cxx

Freyalyn said...

You are both so amazing. Love to you both.

Leanne said...

".....yes life is too short. We shouldn't waste it. We need to grasp each day and make it ours.
Life is so sweet and is there to be enjoyed....."

well said Ambermoggie!! enjoy every second.

love light and blessings, Leanne x

Blue Witch said...

So pleased to read this.

I think the thing is that, with an illness with a 'terminal' prognosis from a medic, it is too easy to get dragged down: medics can't predict who is going to die of a heart attack, or be run down by a bus, or be caught in a bomb blast tomorrow. So, most people never get to the 'sorted' stage of knowing that they need to be enjoying every day.

In a way, then, it is a blessing. No time to be miserable. Hope that makes sense!

laoi gaul~williams said...

oh well said~i have to admit i had tears in my eyes reading this.
as others have said when we wake up we never know what the day will bring and so making the most of every moment is invaluable.
*hugs* to you both

Lesley said...

Well said Amber :-) My thoughts are with you xo

tattyknits said...

Sock it to 'em


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You're right -- wishing you lots of play, laughter, creativity and fun!

Suzi Smith said...

Exactly!! Love to both of you xo
The femmes are gorgeous as always~

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