July 13, 2011

Banks of flowers

Today we had a little meander to a newt pond. We haven't been there since  very early this year and it has now been fenced off.Sadly dog owners were letting their dogs loose and they were trashing the pond as they went in and out. All the bank and marginal plants were destroyed.
The good news is that the fencing seems to be helping. while we walked around I took a few pictures. I love this walk as the paths are wide and wheelchair,pram and crutches friendly.
The crab apples are swelling nicely

 It almost looked like an old cornfield
 The Rosa Rugosa hips are massive, I wonder if they are any good for rosehip syrup?
 Lots of varieties of cranesbills
 and other flowers I don't know?
 We saw lots of water snails in the newt pond but couldn't see any newts.
 The colours were stunning and we virtually had the place to ourselves
 The seed heads are just as beautiful as the flowers
 Can you see one of my totems watching from the tree?
maybe here?
 I like this walk because there is such a variety of plants to be seen. It is close to a power station and the company take care of the site.
 Blackberries will soon be ready for collection and I can't wait. My freezer stock is almost gone.
I know convolvulus or bindweed is a pest but pictures like this remind me that there is beauty in everything.
 Isn't it gorgeous?
 Can you see the lizard in the above picture?
 A lushness everywhere I looked
 A man made stone circle
paths to who knows where?
Another post to follow as there are many pictures


Sue Krekorian said...

Those pretty blue flowers are scabious. I love them, too. xxx

Unknown said...

I love newts. We do not have a pond in the garden but we do have a newt. It turns up in the rabbits water bowl which is on the ground outside her hutch quite often. We do have water lying around in plant pot saucers and such places.

Unknown said...

I will tell you a convolvulus story. When Tattyknits (my eldest)got married we went the day before to decorate the hall where the wedding reception was being held. The florist was working hard and I told her that opposite the hall there were some huge beautiful convulvulus flowers that I thought could be wound around the staircase bannister rails. (The hall was upstairs) What I had forgotten was that convulvulus flowers close up tightly when there is no sun. After the wedding when we were all going up this staircase all we could hear was my Dad shouting out very loudly "That's bindweed that it. I have been to lots of weddings but I've never seen bindweed at a wedding before!" No one could shut him up but we all had a good laugh.

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