July 07, 2011

Midnight's femmes

These have been a long while in the creating. Started almost 8 months ago I think.

I think they were worth the time though, I feel such joy at seeing them completed. I don't know where they will end up living but that doesn't matter. It was the making that was important.

La Mariposa or lady of the butterflies. She brings the gift of inward travel . Her robes flutter in the breeze and through her graces we find the ability to travel the psychic planes using the butterfly wings of time and space. When a butterfly lands on a person her touch is barely felt. The journey we all travel sometimes needs this lighter touch. She tells us to be more playful, more in tune with our inner self.

Cailleache Goddess of the elements, weather and the sky. The charm she wears reminds us that we all contain the 4 elements within us. Earth our body, water our blood, wind or air our breath and fire our spirit. She reminds us to ground and centre before we do rituals and to balance all within us.

Uttarawaya lady of luck and fortune. In our home as children we always fought for the chicken wishbone and if we were lucky enough to win it we left it to dry for a day and then made a wish. We took one end of the wishbone and someone else took the other, as it cracked whoever got the larger piece their wish would come true. I don't say this would work with Utta's metal charm but the magic is still there for you to channel should you wish.

Melissande lady of the bees. She wears a charm that depicts a cross section of a honeycomb with a bee attached. Some of the cells are full, some empty, signifying the potential within us. Do we use it or leave it fallow? Bees are a favourite of mine. I have always talked to them and told them my news. As you can imagine the airways have been pretty busy lately:) Bees are symbols of fruitfulness and prosperity, the honey so golden and so life enhancing.

Aranhodd is the lady of rebirth, fertility and  she weaves our cosmic fates and sands of time. Her name is a derivation of Arianhod which means silver wheel or round wheel and reflects the circle of life. She wears a silver charm containing zodiac symbols and the sun and moon.

Quercusta is the lady of the oak and wears a golden leaf of autumn. Oaks are a long living tree and she brings with her the majesty of their life cycle. She reminds us that there is no rush to do or be anything. To take time to reflect on where and what we are. To use the power of the oak to centre and to ground us.

As always if any speak to you feel free to get in touch, they all await new homes. I am always glad to trade them


Blue Witch said...

Ha! They've got the same hair as my one!

It's a good sign I tell you, because I've been doing a quick spell for better health in her direction every time I sit down at my office desk where she lives (sat on the paperclip pot).

tattyknits said...

Lovely post and I'm so pleased that your femmes are coming to life again. They are lovely, all of them.

Now, when I read the descriptions I thought it would be Melissande that spoke to me and she did whisper (it made a buzzing noise in my ear) but please tell my why Aranhodd is speaking to me loud and clear when I've had my womb and ovaries removed so recently? Very puzzling...

All love, as always


pip said...

could swap her for some yarn/needles from the shop if you like... or, other than that I've got some good books n things :)

laoi gaul~williams said...

oohhh Cailleache :)

laoi gaul~williams said...

moggie can you please pop me an e-mail and let me know how much Cailleache costs?
thank you :)

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