July 09, 2011

Holly spindles

There is something about wood. It has a vibrancy all its own, an energy, an inner spark.
All wood has it but we can pick up on that energy more in some than others.
This new drop spindle that arrived yesterday reminded me of it.
It has been cut, seasoned and shaped into the item you see before you.
It has had characters marked into it. It has been waxed or varnished. I'm not quite sure without checking with its maker.
And yet,

When I opened  the packaging  and lifted it out I felt the energy of this piece of holly.

When I wrapped fibre to make a leader for spinning I could almost feel an eagerness in the spindle to begin.

The first turns of a spindle are always an experiment, when you have purchased without trying.
You don't know if you and the spindle will click.
I am a new spindler, I've only been spinning this way for just over a month.
It is totally different to wheel spinning. In this instance it is as if the spindle and I are joined, one being.
United in a purpose. A very strange feeling but very exhilarating.
The spindle came with 2 samples of fibre cushioning it. I've spun the first offering and it flowed on the spindle beautifully.
It will make a tiny skein when plyed with itself. Not enough for a large project but perfect for something special.
A gift to be cherished and enjoyed.
The spindles first offering. What will it turn out to be?
Holly is a hardwood and tales of its uses within magic abound. It equates with fire energy and its evergreen properties signify continuing life as it survives year round. A good omen ?
It is a witch tree and a joy to behold both with and without berries.
In pagan beliefs the Holly rules over the dark or waning half of the year. Are we seeing synchronicity here? It arrived just past the Summer Solstice i.e. in the waning part of the year. There are no coincidences are there? I thought I chose Holly because I like the tree, I am seeing now that the Goddess had more in mind when the idea came into my head.

Holly stands also for warrior magic and spiritual strength, do you think it is nudging me again? Perhaps we will need that strength in the months to come.
It does however push me towards balance. I think I now may need an oak spindle , what do you think?

Oh and for those interested the spindles come from here.
Not cheap but I got a piece of magic so what price that?


Leanne said...

AM ( I have sent you an email) Holly IS a very special tree, I know from personal experience, and I do believe you were guided to choose this wood. Trust your feelings about this.

Blessings, Leanne x

pip said...

Horse-Chestnut is what's jumping out to me :)

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