November 03, 2009

Wanted Lendrum spinning wheel

I want to buy a Lendrum or would trade for one if anyone knows of one? I want a folding wheel with the 3 flyers for lace, plying and normal yarn.
I tried the lendrum at Artis Annes on our visit to Wales this past weekend and it is so much easier for me to change bobbins especially when my hands are so painful. We had a fabulous visit as we always do. Lots of laughter and good food. Late nights due to said chatting but such fun. Both Mr Mog and I learnt so much while we were there from them both. We now love the idea of spinning from fleece and not just from prepared rovings. It was very exciting to see Mr Mog carding and spinning fleece. He is totally hooked.


Charity said...

Wow, you've really taken off with your spinning - I love it!

I'm hoping to get a chance to sit down and learn to spin this winter. It's been so long since I've touched my own little wheel, I feel like I need to start all over! :o)

Sea said...

am hoping to try with a drop spindle in the first instance, I believe it is very relaxing. Look forward to seeing your next batch of homespun. I'm taking partr in NaNoWriMo for all of November, so other stuff has to take a back seat.

Artis-Anne said...

we both enjoyed the weekend too & thanks for coming to visit us :)
Happy Spinning
Love Annie xx

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