November 28, 2009

Busy,busy, busy

I'm still here. It has been an odd few days what with one thing and another.

On to more pleasant things. I got my new jumbo flyer yesterday morning and Mr Mog fitted it for me. I've plyed all the yarn I had spun up. 3 jumbo bobbins full and exceedingly fine compared to previous efforts. I'd guess double knit or a shade finer. We will see when I skein it up tomorrow what yardage I have.

I have been knitting and if we have more sunshine tomorrow I'll post pictures. I've made a Baktus scarf, a silky furry large shawl in mohair and eyelash silk. Unbelievably tactile and soft.
Think that is me up to date. We are off to baby sit our 2 grandsons.

1 comment:

Blue Witch said...

Glad you've managed to stay creative despite all the trials and tribulations.

Be a bit careful about publishing too many details about the shed saga in Googleable text - companies (generally large, at present, but, who knows where these things end) have an off-the-record database of people who complain and they put names/addresses to blogs. This could lead to all sorts of hassle for you in the future...

Have you approached Help The Aged? Good Friend BW found they had better info and links to help than anyone else.

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