November 07, 2009

Femmes, shawls and spinning.

Thanks for the comments:) No I don't have an etsy shop. I don't make the femmes on a regular basis only when the muse strikes so it wouldn't be practical.The other thing is that I firmly believe they go to those that need them if you understand me? I am always happy to trade for other items though. Not necessarily the most obvious things. For example I was looking for dyes the other day. Also I can always use fabulous beads and charms for making them. You can always make suggestions(VBG)
Well it is pouring it down here today. The roads are flooded and it is black outside. Not a going out day for me I fear. I've finished a shawl or two for you to see though.
Firstly with my own handspun which is always a nice thing to be able to say. This was some fibre from Feltstudio UK, Falkland fibre. I purchased it from a friend on Ravelry who was having a destash.

Only a little shawl but very warm. Haven't blocked as we have had rain for over a week now.
Then I've made an autumn femme for a dear friend of mine. It used my first hand spun art yarn which I helped to make while visiting another friend down in Wales. the femme's name is Enid, a Welsh name meaning tree bark apparently which is rather appropriate seeing the colours I've used.

I've done several pictures with and without flash as it is so dark here. Enid wears a cloak of autumn colours to reflect the beauty of the trees around her.
On her back she carries a broomstick and a cauldron. The broomstick is to sweep away all negativity from the place she wants to set down her cauldron to create.
She is quite at home among the ivy as the woodlands are her natural home.
She wears a colour changing Celtic cross, this reflects her mood as she spins and dyes her fibre for garments.
When not working with fibre Enid can be found enjoying good music and good company, she is a very sociable femme.

Then as I said shawls plural. This is the second one. Made using a mix of wool clip mohair I purchased, again, in a ravelry destash together with some filatura di crosa multicolor in green shades. not easy to show a full picture but it is a fabulous colour in real life.

a close up of the bottom edge.
Here you get some idea of the pattern. I'm pleased with my modifications on my original shawl idea. I'll definitely make this again. I'm thinking of adding beads to the bottom edge.
Then I finished spinning some fibre I purchased from Artis Anne while in Wales. I forgot to photograph it before plying. I plyed with a strand of fine lurex iridescent thread and a strand of dark blue fine mohair.
What do you think?

Enough for? yes you have guessed , most probably a shawl:)


Sea said...

The shawls look beautiful, as usual, and I love the handspun yarn. You're not close enough to the front where you are, but the Lakes Distric has disappeared in the murk. I had to go out to walk the dogs, and full of a cold. Never mind, warm bath and snuggle up with my knitting. And sorry about the rain, I washed my car last Sunday. :( oops, it's not stopped since

Sue Simpson said...

What do I think? I thinnk you are one of the most creative people I know! I love your yarns and stories and the new hand spun yarn? Stunningly beautiful.

Sue xxx

Blue Witch said...

Wonderful work. As ever.

I am returned from my Northern Travels with 12-15 Blue-Face Leicester raw fleeces :)

Most knotty and smelly but beautifully soft.

We vacuum packed them into 2 huge plastic bags, in case you're wondering how we got them onto the broom... and a Northern BFL fleece is quite small cf others breeds/locations.

Now, all we need is some good weather so they can be washed and dried before being re-located to deserving causes ;)

Roobeedoo said...

Lovely shawls! Especially that green one - it looks warm enough to replace a coat!

Roobeedoo said...

Lovely shawls! Especially that green one - it looks warm enough to replace a coat!

Artis-Anne said...

Oh Amber THANK you,THANK you, Enid and I have bonded at first sight
All that she represents I can visulize & strive to be .
You have succeded yet again to amaze me with your generosity & insight :)
Thank you my dear friend

Von said...

OH how delightful! Like the pattern is two triangles together?Recently acquired some lovely wool and was wondering what to use to for..perfect!

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