November 19, 2009

New moon, spinning, Bach flower remedies.

Well we are in a new moon cycle, how is it for you? I've not found much lessening of my pain yet but it is early days.
I'm trying some of the suggestions to counter it and hoping for better days.
It has been the most dreadful week here, lots of rain and gales. Mr Mog has injured his back moving and dismantling a shed then laying new flagstones for a new shed that is hopefully here next week. He did it all himself not a good idea but hopefully his aches will soon go.
He appears to have fallen in love with an Ashford Kiwi, especially after seeing some of the pain jobs done on them. Joking apart I think it is the portability aspect he is keen on. Much easier to take to spinning guild I suspect.
I of course am holding out for the elusive Lendrum. I know some time there will be one with my name on.
At the moment I am loving spinning on the traveller, the double treadle helps so much with balancing my joints and it is a pleasure to spin.
Nothing much to show picture wise as some is for Yule gifting.
I'm looking into Bach flower remedies. Don't know a lot about them and to be honest some of the books are way too much information. I think a poster overview may be more helpful certainly initially. Then I can read more on which I am attracted to and why. What thoughts do you have on them?


Sea said...

I do know someone who is fairly "au' fait" with Bach flower remedies. PM me if you want to contact him

Anonymous said...

It was certainly interesting for me to read that article. Thanx for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I would like to read more soon.

Sue Simpson said...

Amber, try this link Its a remedy chooser :o)

I'm sorry about Bobs back, he really shouldnt have done it himself, its a big area! I hope he feels better soon. What a bloody year this is turning out to be...for you both!
If you want to let me know what remedies it comes up with I'll glady make you a bottle up.

Love and blessings Sue xxx

Von said...

Ah the lovely Ashfords,don't blame him!
Bach should be able to get a simple leaflet from stockists.Don't analyse too much, just go with what your instinct tells you you need.If you need it you'll feel different and if you didn't no harm done.Oak a definite for pain, Gentian if you feel miserable about it, Crabapple if you're feeling bad about your pain and Walnut for changes in your life.
You might want to check out my post on chronic pain which is now up.Good luck!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've never used the Bach flower remedies myself, but I had a friend who used to swear by them.

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