November 24, 2009

Sometimes there are good things

2 days ago a friend blogged asking for help for a friend of hers. This pals boyfriend was at the other end of the country and had been rushed into hospital. They found he had cancer of the liver and stomach. His girlfriend(my friends pal) wanted to be with him but was at the opposite end of the country and more importantly had no money. She is a single mum and has 3 children. Works in a hospital nearby where she lives. Hasn't moved down to where her boyfriend is because of the job and her young children. They see each other when they can because he too has a job. My friend put a call out on her blog asking for help for the fare down there. All the people who responded were strangers to the one needing the help but knew my friend. Convoluted or what:)
Within a very short while the sum raised was over £100 all from strangers. The girl concerned hadn't asked for help but got it. I think money is still coming in.
It warms my heart to see the generosity of strangers. All is not lost is it?
As for me a rotten day. Much pain and discomfort:(

It has been a very dark dismal day today and I long for some sunshine to lift my spirits.


Blue Witch said...

Provided they accepted the order knowing your requirements, they are legally bound to honour it for the price you paid.

Personally, I'd be looking for £50 from *them* for the inconvenience, and I certainly wouldn't accept a bodged-up rehashed job.

And besides, I've never heard of a standard shed where the door was in the long side...

Any hassle, give me their details and I'll phone up and scare them. I am very scary when on such a mission. Never yet lost one ;)

Sea said...

Some flok only hear what they want to hear. I'm sorry that you have had this problem. Today has been horrid, hardly any daylight.

Suemoon said...


I see some thin sunshine in Kent this morning hope it makes it's way to you


Jean said...

I do hope the sun came your way, I am sending you warm thoughts and wish yesterday I could have sent you about 10 degrees of warmth (it was 85 (Fahrenheit) which is pretty warm for November - even for California.

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