July 31, 2009

Dyeing and harvesting

The sun has been shining today, a great tonic for the spirit. I wanted to make another elsewhere jacket out of blue faced Leicester aran yarn as I love the first one.
I had an idea what colours I wanted but surprise , surprise I ended up doing something entirely different:)
My ideas were bright reds, oranges, golds something zingy.
I received some dyes a few days ago in colour scheme Earth so I thought I would give them a trial. However I couldn't not have something scorching so I added brilliant orange.
Here you see them hanging out to dry, what do you think? I love them and I think they reflect the theme of Lammas and harvest exceedingly well.

They will of course look entirely different when knit up, that is the fun of doing your own dyeing. Well doing it with the help of an exceedingly able assistant in Mr Mog. He is super at getting all the water out and hanging them to dry. He also took the pictures you see.
BW I used several different colours of reds and oranges on the Lammas shawl. I sploshed the colours on, nothing scientific about me:) Wrapped in cling film then steamed in electric steamer for 35 minutes. Rinsed after cooling in plain water. Final rinse with a little ecover conditioner just to add a little more softness and make it easier to use.
Then as it is almost Lughnasadh it seemed the right time to harvest a small part of the lavender we have growing. I asked the bees who were busy working on it themselves and they graciously gave me permission to take some of it. I've left lots for the insects as there will be more than enough here for storing to use in incenses, infusions, tinctures and the like. I also am earmarking a bunch for breads and biscuits. I love lavender bread and biscuits the smell when baking is gorgeous. You can use both fresh and dry lavender for this.
We will be baking some tomorrow for our celebrations.
Those are big bunches and the kitchen smells wonderful.
We may harvest some more as we have a few different varieties of lavender growing.
A more upbeat day today, Mr Mog took me up to the promenade for a meander along the sunken gardens and it felt good to be out in the sunshine.
I've edited my profile. I was going to keep the flagrant soul but decided that BWs suggestion of fragrant was far better:) I don't want to be obnoxious or conspicuously bad, well not too often and of course with all this lavender I'll be very fragrant:)


Blue Witch said...

I'm so pleased :)

The sun and a bit of dyeing does make a difference doesn't it?

Charity said...

That yarn is fabulous, and mmmm, I can almost smell the lavendar from here!

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