July 08, 2009

This n that

We(Mr Mog) are remodelling the garden. We visited friends for dinner Saturday evening and they have transformed their garden. Naturally I came away full of enthusiasm to do something with ours. It was made easy access mainly gravel when we moved in and some of that was for me but also some for the grandsons. They are growing up and don't play out as such and I only need easy paths to the 2 seating areas. That means we can revamp:)

I had all tubs down the side you see and none matched. The aim is to have one long tub to the seat and angular ones each end. Trellis to stop you looking straight down the garden.

Not bad going Mr Mog for just a few short hours. The tubs won't be staying there we will be filling up with soil and planting directly into it. The royal we of course. I help with the ideas, Mr Mog does the physical labour.
What have I been doing?

It is growing quite speedily now and I'm ready to start knitting the sleeves since this picture was taken. 1 sleeve purple, one green I'm thinking.
Not done a lot past couple of days as I have been exceedingly sore.
Weather has cooled down and we have had quite a bit of rain this week, saves watering the garden.


Sea said...

None of my pots really match either. I had to start again with some this year. Excapt the new plants didn't go anywhere near as far as I thought they would. Am going to have to build up again, like last time.

twilight news said...

Gardening is one of my favorite hobby. Posts like these always inspires me to have more involvement in gardening.

laoi gaul~williams said...

the royal we! thats us~swampy does the labour while i plan! glad to see someone else is re-vamping too. our garden is nearly finished-just need to finish our seating area, move the banksia rose as it doesnt like its present spot. we have chaps coming (soon i hope!) to replace the old rotten wooden fence...but yesterday we branched into 'wouldnt a nice simple pergola look nice over the seating are?...'

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