July 04, 2009

We all need colour in our lives

We all need a touch of colour in our lives, it makes our hearts sing and it inspires us to create. It inspires joy within us and a sense of wonder.
I thought you would like to see my garden today with its mass of colour. Mainly pinky purple but with a touch of something else. The verbena above are just beginning to flower. They can seem almost weed like as they colonise everywhere but I love that.
Lavender comes in all shades, I love harvesting the flowers for various uses. I adore lavender biscuits especially.
These are ready now for me to take a few of them and hang them in Mr Mog's shed to dry. I don't take all the flowers, the bees and other insects need the nectar.
I do love my lavender plants as you can tell.
We had a visitor this morning in the back garden, he is watching the large tadpoles swimming around in the green.
I love the way that green leaves compliment flowers so perfectly.
Another picture of our visitor . He is unconcerned now if we are in the garden, previously he used to scoot if he saw us.
Crocosmia Diablo I think, just coming out this morning.
A very shy mini foxglove hiding behind the comfrey leaves.
Lavatera or tree mallow
A friend gave us this last week it still awaits a permanent home. Once in the ground it will self seed profusely.
Purple spikes among the sage leaves
A fairy hat perhaps?
These tomatoes and dill plants cost just 15pence each a few short weeks ago and are thriving in the old coal bunker. We have many flowers and the fruit has set on some of the tomatoes.
Isn't buddleia aptly named as the butterfly bush? This is probably much too big for our tiny back garden but I don't care. I know that it will be covered in bees and butterflies for many weeks now and each evening the smell of honey is beautiful. It more than earns its keep.
Just to give you an idea of its size.
This holly tree was taken on our last walk in the local park, I like the berries this colour.
This was in the park as well

and its larger sister.
This is my lavender and lemon balm border, just coming into flower now. The smell is especially good if you brush the leaves as you reverse the car. Mr Mog often does that so I can enjoy the sweet perfumes;)
Colour always inspires me, it is one of the reasons I love dyeing bright colours and creating art with it. For me it lights a fire in my heart and that is a good enough reason to do it.


Sea said...

Mr Mog is going to have to prune the buddleia. Best half late in old year, then other half as things start growing, as this lengthens the flowering period. Mine is huge, but more than worth it for the butterflies it attracts

aniexma said...

Beautiful! I love purple and pink flowers best of all.

Sue Simpson said...

Oh gorgeous, isn't it lovely how everything is coming into flower now? All those bright lush colours :o)
Thanks for sharing your pictures.
Love Sue xxx

Artis-Anne said...

I so agree what would we do without colour ? Its like a drug for me ;0
Lovely photos Amber and the moggie looks at home too :)

Antoinette said...

I'm so very happy looking at this - it makes me itch for warmer gardening weather. I love ALL of these plants, (and I too have a special fondness for lavender). The budlea is superb - it's all so beautiful.

Oh and you asked me in a comment what tarot I used, it's The Druidcraft Tarot, and is my absolute favourite.

Blue Witch said...

So *that's* where my last-year's kitten Tabby Familiar got to at the weekend!

I can never believe all you cram into your garden! Wonderful.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Your visitor may turn into something more permanent. I have had garden visitors over the years and two of them stayed permanently for years. I think cats choose where they want to live!
I have another 2 cats who visit me now and walk in as if they own the place the minute the back door is opened.

Bix said...

its a crocosmia 'lucifer' - your garden is lush - and nature is so good at helping with pain relief, it just pulls all the pain out of you and takes it into the earth
Be well

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