July 02, 2009

Of mohair in jackets and spirals on tops

Thanks for the kind comments on my additions to the top Jan made me:)
BW asked how I did the spirals. I'm not a very good crocheter yet but simple things I can do. I love freeform as you have probably guessed so this is out of my head.

I started with a chain of 8 stitches, then I did at least 2 double crochet in to each stitch, on some I did 3. Did this all the way back to the top edge then double crochet to where I wanted the next spiral and repeated. Some spirals are 15 stitches, some 9, some 17 and rest 13. Really whatever felt long enough as I went around. I did this all the way round doing plain double crochet in between each spiral. I then stitched crystal beads on the ends. I used 2 x 8mm beads and a tiny bead as the end stop. Thread through all including the end one, then return ignoring the end one, do this twice for strength then finish off.
Hope that makes sense?.
I decided I wanted another elsewhere jacket and this time I wanted to use up some odd skeins of mohair on it. I didn't want it to match, my intention is to have mismatched colours but ones that tone. My next jacket will be completely clashing if this works out.

What do you think so far?

Still very humid and incredibly hot here. I don't function too well in hot weather it makes my joints much more painful sadly:( I seem to retain more water around the ankles which doesn't help as I am unable to take water pills due to other health issues. I'm drinking lots of water to try and help.
The 15pence tomato plants we got a few short weeks ago at the local council garden centre are growing wonderfully and there are lots of flowers on them. A good buy I think.


Artis-Anne said...

That spiral top looks amazing I love it so much I have bought the book ;) LOVE the additions too . Lookinf forward to seeing your mohair cardi finished

Blue Witch said...

Thank you for the spiral pattern :)

Mixed colour is good for hot days.

florencemary said...

The spiral top looks fantastic on you! I wish I could get into crochet...

I too have trouble with swollen ankles, due to the BP medicine I'm on. The only way to alleviate it is to have my feet raised - not always easy when you work at a computer all day!

Georgina (remote knitter) said...

Love it - it is so swirly and elemental - remionds me of very active water!

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