July 27, 2009

A Mohair jacket give away and Status Quo

I've decided to give away the mohair Elsewhere jacket I made. I love it but I decided it was time to send something out into the world and to give something back. The jacket is that something. It is large and will easily fit someone size 20 and above.
It is large on me as you can see. I haven't worn it, I just tried it on for the photos.
It is definitely a unique piece and no one else will have anything quite like it I am sure.
If you would like to be considered for it please add a comment here. I'll choose a winner on Lammas, which is this Saturday.
I'm still experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort so my reading and commenting on blogs has been limited. I'm too sore to do much of it so I'm hibernating somewhat.
I've been trying to get tickets for Status Quo at Glastonbury for Mr Mog's birthday. He loves the Quo and I wanted to try and surprise him with tickets. Sadly they were all sold out very quickly and I haven't managed to find any anywhere. Ebay has had them at horrendous prices, too rich for me.
So its back to the drawing board for ideas for this momentous birthday he is having. Then next oncology appointment is next week and it is always a worrying time until we have seen the consultant. Mr Mog does seem to be doing well though for which I am grateful.
I've not been very creative lately, the pain seems to stop the muse visiting much, I don't think she likes to see me in this way.
It is part of the balance that we have within our lives, can't all be a high there has to be a low to balance things out. The trick is to remember that and treat the low points as positive things to work through. Not to let it beat you. Or in this case, me:)


yarnivorous said...

I hope this round of pain issues eases for you somewhat and you can get back to your creations.

annarella said...

So generous of you to give the jacket away to one very lucky receipient.

All my love to you both, hoping this too passes soon xx

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