March 17, 2009

Wild colours in Wales

We have been on a visit to friends in wildest Wales.
Here you can see the sign that gives a hint to where we are heading
I love going to visit Anne and Tony, the only drawback is that the time goes much too fast. One of the reasons for going this time was to visit this place.

Do you know where it is?

Does this help?
Yes we went to Portmeirion.
What a fabulous day we had. The sun was shining and it was warm enough to sit outside to eat. What more could you ask at this time of the year? Mr Mog had never visited the village before. I haven't been in over 18 years. Last time was when I had money (VBG) and actually stayed there twice. Once in the hotel and once in one of the village apartments. At that time the site was full of Prisoner references. It isn't now. I loved the place then but now it is even better if that is possible. Thanks are due to Anne and Tony for taking us there. More information on the place can be obtained by following my links. It is well worth it:)
The gorse smelled strongly of coconut.

There were many strange shaped trees to be found. I haven't put too many pictures of the actual buildings because you can see them online.

The bay was so green and the tide was in when we arrived.

So many different scenes to try and catch.
The daffodils were in full flower, helped no doubt by the sunshine.
I took some mohair with me and Anne kindly dyed it. It came out exactly as I wanted so I present to you Violetta:)

Isn't it gorgeous? This will be yet another shawl.
I took knitting with me and I am almost finished my midnight's moonlight shawl. I'm 3/4 through the border so pictures hopefully soon. I need to search my bead boxes for some gemstone chips to edge it.
We came home from Wales to one night at home then off to my DD to babysit overnight.
Latest news on MIL is that she is being sent home Monday with a care package. However we are not expecting her to be at home long, she is frail and very confused. I don't think she is going to cope.


Rosie said...

Sounds like a brilliant outing, and that yarn Anne dyed is so gorgeous.

Fingers crossed that all goes well for MIL.

hugs xx

Miffy said...

What a lovely day out. We went to Portmeirion for the day whilst on our honeymoon. I loved it and will take the kids someday.

Joy said...

Amber I haven't been to Portmeirion for years. I love it there, although as a child i always expected large balls to come out of the sea.

I do hope MIL will be ok. It's very hard isn't it, when our parents become less able (hugs)

florencemary said...

Somehow, despite visiting this neck of the woods a few times, I've not been to Portmeirion. Great photos and glad you had a good time!

All best wishes for MIL... xxx

dreamcatcher said...

We love Portmeirion! We've stayed there twice too, both times in Telford's Tower. It's magical when the visitors leave and the twinkly lights come on at dusk.

All the best for your MIL x

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