March 20, 2009

Happy Ostara or Spring Equinox

Happy Ostara or Spring Equinox. At this time of equal day and night everything seems to be hushed and in the balance, waiting.
What for? Who knows but it is a waiting time I always feel.
Still feeling rotten and my throat is really burning up and it is hard to swallow. It isn't just the mohair, I think my eldest grandson has passed a little something to me:( Bad night last night despite drinking gallons of water each time I woke. Mr Mog also had a dreadful night, he was sore and shivery all night. But we woke up this morning determined not to let it spoil our day. We went up to Cumbria to meet up with Cae at the Wool Clip. Pictures will follow tomorrow when I upload them. The weather was gorgeous albeit a little misty. A no coat day:) It was wonderful to meet up with Cae again and to see the new Wool Clip shop. Twice as big as the old one and lots of inspiring goodies. I was very good though and didn't spend, have to save the pennies for Wonderwool. We then had lunch in the tearooms above the Wool Clip, oh and visited the jewellers there. Mr Mog is now the proud owner of a haematite and rose quartz necklace. A present for our anniversary which is fast approaching.

Spring always seems that much nearer at Ostara and of course the clocks spring forward next weekend. This weekend we are out to lunch on Sunday to celebrate youngest grandson's 11th birthday. It is a tradition and one we all love.
These garden pictures are from our old house, sadly missed:(
This is the grove at the bottom of the garden.
As you can see a very private place for relaxation and meditation.
Right as I'm now coughing and spluttering once more I will bid you farewell and hope your celebrations bring you much joy.


Anonymous said...

Hope the Equinox and better weather will have you feeling better soon.

Antoinette said...

beautiful! Love those pictures, and your altar is exquisite.

A very happy Equinox to you, and may you be restored to good health once more.

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