March 27, 2009

Spring and I are quietly getting on with stuff

Spring rushes onwards and the flowers grow ever brighter in the park. A few days ago we had a little meander around the flower beds and it was indeed splendid. I won't upload hundreds of pictures but the following should give you a taste of what is happening out there.

Don't they brighten up the day?
Just look at the golden glow from this forsythia bush.
These could almost be summer flowers.
Then there has been knitting. Not a lot because the dreaded viral thingy has now sat upon my chest and refuses to depart. Indeed I had to go the visit the doctor this morning for aid in removing said virus as I am wheezing like a good un. One would think that I'd had my share of stuff lately but apparently not enough yet.
As such I'm now on level 2 antibiotics. Not level one because of course silly me had completely forgotten that I'd had my share of level 1 antibiotics a month ago for the rash. How could I have forgotten that pleasure? According to the medical expert the government have new guidelines in place for the use of antibiotics. Isn't that thoughtful of them? So said medical expert has to follow their rulings and not any expertise they have.
Enough of that, I am hoping that they will work miracles for me, pleurisy is a nasty thing and I'm not wanting that again. I'm drinking lots of liquids and hoping for an early recovery.
So back to the knitting after that slight diversion.
This mohair is a luscious green and excellent to work with. But I couldn't just work on one item, after all don't want to be bored do we?
This is the mohair that was dyed in Wales last week, very soft and luscious to knit. The colour is actually darker than shown but who cares:) Mohair is hard to photograph even when it is Mr Mog doing the photography and not me.
So my dears I'll be off to rest and await miracles.
Talk soon


Anonymous said...

I love the flower pictures. Looks like spring is much more under way where you live than here in Chicago! None of my spring flowers have bloomed yet.

Sorry to hear about the health issues.

I love that mohair colorway in the top picture.

Have a nice weekend!

Artis-Anne said...

Our Forsythia is just about peeking open but not in full bloom like yours .
Do hope the anti-biots gets rid of all your lurgys and you will soon be like a spring lamb.
The mohairs are looking grand :)lace edgings in mind for these ? ;)

Blue Witch said...

Keep warm - we had sleet here this afternoon, did you? And get well soon.

As to what I think of the Governmint and its 'policies' - well, see the gif that has been supplied to me that I've just posted ;)

Elizabeth said...

What are the top flowers? I've been admiring some on my way to work, but I have no idea what they are.

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