March 29, 2009

A coulourful day;)

I thought you may like a little colour today but a warning that there are colourful ladies under garments further down this post.
Let us begin with the fabulous tulips I purchased the other day in Lidl, British tulips I am pleased to say.
The colours were so intense I thought you would appreciate them
I love tulips when they open up, their colour seems to change, it is almost as though they are cautious and only show their full beauty once they know where they are.
In the home of a true admirer perhaps? One who appreciates the show.
I'm awaiting the other ones opening maybe tomorrow, they are a solid purple at the moment but who knows when they unfurl their petals?
While walking in the park I saw this and had to have a picture. Can you see the eye and the hump? Reminds me of a rhino a little.
This beauty lights up a dark corner of the park, I love the paper bark on it don't you?
And a close up, just because.
As you know I adore colour and I adore dyeing. A little known fact is that Mr Mog and I do not wear bland under garments. I always tweak the colour a little:) My under things were getting a little worse for wear so I purchased 2 packs of new ones at M&S. Here you see the results. Enough to keep me clothed for a while I think?I've put another picture of tulips in between to protect the easily shocked:)

Those purple flowers will be open tomorrow if this sun keeps up.
And here you go, under whatsits in the sunshine. Avoiding the dreaded kn****r word don't want unwanted visitors.
As you can see the sun is shining and it is a gorgeous day here. We are going to look after our grandsons for lunch time as my DD is going to a 90th birthday party. I'm hoping the fresh air helps me breathe, the chest infection is still pretty dire:(


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate life - rainbow colours underneath! I shall immediately go and do likewise.

Love from West Cork where it is also cold and damp but spring is well under way.

Laal Bear said...

Love your kecks ( this is what my Dad called kn****rs )might have a go at that .:0)

aniexma said...

Hee, hee, hee. Love the colourful blooms and bloomers!

Digitalgran said...

Wonderful photos!

yarnivorous said...

Pretty! You will have to guess the things to which I am referring. (I found some in my favourite colours - they won't be overdyed!)

Wibbo said...

Amber, I love your colourful unmentionables!

Antoinette said...

Amazing! At first I couldn't believe they were tulips. Love the colours!
And I also dig your undies. They look fab - and that's a great idea dyeing your own too.

Sorry to hear that you're unwell, a chest infection is a horrible malady to be having. Hope it clears up mighty soon and you get lots of warm weather to chase it away.

I love looking at trees and finding 'things' in them. I can see a rhino in that one! Check out my 'grumpy old man' tree from a while back:

Roobeedoo said...

Tee hee hee! And best of all - you never have to worry about them going grey!

Jennifer said...

Thank you for all your recent pictures of spring. I'm trying not to, buy I'm really envying you your early spring.

And love the garden of underthings on the line!

Charity said...

Beautiful photos! All the colour is so good to see - it's still cold and snowy and mucky here. :o)

Anne said...

Love the rainbow undergarments - a lots prettier than the boring black I have been wearing for most of the winter (I seem to have spent weeks in black trousers - time for the skirts to come back out!)

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