March 08, 2009

Beltaine fire shawl, PS North,don't be rash

The lovely Cae has offered me some Denise needles to try. They don't have the nickel joiners so I'm hoping that they won't upset my hands. As I didn't really want to move my shawl onto new needles I really didn't have any other option but to cast something new on to the Denises;)

Beltaine is approaching soon so it seemed appropriate to start another fire shawl. I didn't have too much mohair in fire colours and really didn't want to get into dyeing today so I went stash diving. Here is what I've come up with.

This will be the top part of the shawl, some unknown mohair mixed with twisted sisters mohair.
When this runs out I'll continue with this

Artful yarns portrait plus twisted sisters mohair in a more fiery colour.
What do you think?
For project spectrum north I rather liked this picture Mr Mog took of the willow in the park while we were in there today.
She is just starting to come into leaf and I love the golden yellows swaying in the breeze:)

My rash is back:( Some more spots have appeared and my hands are worse. More blisters have appeared some getting quite nasty looking. I've continued with the fresh aloe juice added to the lavender oil and aqueous cream. I've even used fresh aloe alone. I'm wearing cotton gloves to knit.
I agree with several suggestions that it would appear to be something in the yarn, possibly the dye or the way the dyes have been used. Possibly not rinsed correctly. It may have been one of the ones I've purchased, I am fanatical about rinsing correctly and also about the application. I always use gloves and never touch the yarn with bare hands until it is dry.
The steroids beckon in vain still but it is a struggle.


Wibbo said...

Really sorry to hear about your rash, Amber, and I hope your hands improve soon.

Joy said...

I'm sorry your rash is still troubling you. I do hope it abates soon.

My three children all have asthma, and at one time or another have had to undergo a course of steroids to help with an exacerbation. As a short, sharp, means to an end they can sometimes be a good thing ;-)

florencemary said...

Wow, that shawl will be stunning!

What a drag about your hands - I can't think of any remedies, though I'm sure the aloe should help.

Antoinette said...

Ah...Beltaine. Sigh.

The colours of those yarns are sublime! That shawl is going to be so gorgeous. What a wonderful idea!

so sorry to hear about your hands. Have you tried Chickweed Ointment (not gel or compound)? It's pretty amazing stuff. But for when your hands are in the cracked, dry stage (if they get that way) rather than the blistered, weepy've probably had a world of suggestions already.

I really hope it improves for you very soon.

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