March 12, 2009

midnight and fire

A beautiful day today but cool. Brilliant blue skies and when the wind drops you can feel the merest hint of warmth in the sun.
A full week we have had what with the Cumbria trip to a case conference on mum and before that a day visiting birthday folks:)

Tomorrow we are heading towards Wales to see good friends. I've packed the knitting and the gifts and later will pack the clothes we need. After all the knitting is the most important item.

Before packing up the knitting I thought you would like to see the current state of play.
The green socks are hanging about to be completed. I haven't knit on the for a week as I was giving my hands a rest from the Knitpicks harmony needles. I am more than ever convinced that the nickel join is irritating the rash. I will hopefully finish the second sock this weekend with the help of cotton gloves. Not sure if you can see but the oak leaf is starting to bud.
Then the midnight's moonlight shawl has grown, a lot.

Picture doesn't really show but I am up to 220 stitches now. I'm planning on edging this with beads.
Following on we have the Beltaine fire shawl.

This suffered a slight hiccup as I don't have enough of the first yarn. I did find some on rav and the very kind raveller agreed to sell it to me. It is on its way as we speak. I have joined in the second colour I showed earlier and it is looking good. My plan is to use some of the second colour but still with the orange twisted sister. Once the new yarn arrives I'll continue alternating. This too will (hopefully) have a beaded edge.
You will notice the needles on this aren't the harmonies. Cae offered me the use of her Denise needles to see if they helped. They only have plastic joins so no irritation. I am able to use these with no gloves. Much better.
The rash is almost gone on my body but still present and a little sore on my feet and hands. I've come to the conclusion that the 2 rashes were different. The body one I think was a virus, the hands/feet not. I am of the opinion that some dye from a yarn has irritated me. A purchased one I'm guessing as all my friends rinse well as do I.


Roobeedoo said...

So much progress! And I am glad you may have beaten back the lurgy! I have to say I am a great fan of my Denises!

Priestess~Harper said...

If you are allergic to Nickle (v. common btw) then try coating the join with clear nail varnish. I know I'd be devastated if I couldn't use my KnitPicks, so I want to help a fellow user. Mind you, the Denise system has lots of positive comments.

*hugs* to a spring time gal :)

Anonymous said...

I love that sock! Sorry about the nickle allergy. Hope it gets sorted out.

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