October 04, 2008

Socks for me:)+ socks for the hospice.

My first October socks. Started 1st October, finished 3rd October. Yarn gifted by Artis Anne, fyberspates DK
Really quick knit with these and I love them. They fit me perfectly:) Nice to make a pair for me and thank you Anne for the yarn.
This is the mohair I purchased from Andy at Chester on Sunday, dyed at Annes Tuesday morning. I love the colours even though the peachy colour was supposed to be deep brown. Think I need to refine my dyeing techniques for mohair.
These lovelies are the hospice socks. Yarn is from Cecelia as is the pattern. These knit up really quickly also as they are DK. I do love the colours.
I'm still enjoying doing the eye of partridge heel.

We picked up these in the charity shop the other day.
This is quite large, around 4inch diameter, I presume for sock darning?
Then there was this, not sure what it is but the wood is so rich.
It is pouring down today and blowing a gale. Not a day for out door pursuits so maybe some elemental making? We shall see


Nic said...

I love the colour of the hospice socks, Amber.
Its windy and cold here too today. Luckily I have managed to spend the afternoon inside, wrapped up warm with my little people. I'm sensing lots of knitting on the cards tonight.

Just Me said...

The socks look lovely, as usual :)

I have some yarn that I'd like to donate to your hospice socks. How do I go about it?

Anonymous said...

pretty sure your 4inch diameter object is not a sock darner, it would need to be smooth and smaller to work, 2nd object looks more like it but the ones I've seen are more egg shaped

Anonymous said...

Great socks! Again.

Jean said...

The socks you knitted from the yarn that Anne gave you are cozy and comfy looking. With regards to your Mohair, sometimes its nice to have surprises, especially when the colors turned out so beautiful. Please be sure to post whatever you knit up with this, I'm really curious to see how it turns out!!!!

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

The smaller wooden object reminds me somewhat of those rubber hammers they use to test your knee reflexes. Perhaps that one was the non user friendly variety.
The bigger one certainly does look a bit like a sock darner but the ones that I have seen have been more rounded (like a mushroom) and smooth.
Nice socks with your eye of partridge heels. I have never been up close and personal with a partridge to see if they resemble the stitch.

Dez Crawford said...

The smaller object looks much like my granny's darning egg ... how big is the knob end?

The bigger object doesn't look like it would work as a darning egg, but I bet it would be a GREAT felting tool!

All the socks are lovely. And since you mentioned elemental-making, I was wondering if you could make me another one in shades of green? The one for our home has brought us luck, and I have just rented space for a small knitting and spinning shop, and I'd love to have a shop elemental!

Keeping Mr. Mog in my thoughts and candles...


Anonymous said...

Oh I *love* the conker! My grandson, my daughter and I love them and we collected a pile in the woods yesterday, but couldn't find one still in its shell, like yours.

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