October 30, 2008

Samhain shawl is finished and felt is ready

The Samhain shawl is finished , perfect timing for Samhain itself even though I'm not going to be wearing it. The rhubarb and custard socks are finished also. Pictures of these in the morning when it is light. I am definitely letting the shawl go to a new home, it feels right. Now to wait for the right offer:) The main thing for me was to dye my own Samhain yarn, knit and crochet my own idea of an ethereal, otherworldly shawl. I also wanted to start and finish during the waxing moon.
I wanted something that incorporated aspects of this time, including spiders and I think the edging does that:)
So as I say there will be pictures tomorrow,watch this space.
I have also been dyeing, the felt for the Yule femmes.
not easy to see in this picture is it?

Is this a little better?
or perhaps this?
No? then how about these?

Colors chosen for Yule, Red to represent the fire festival, Green for the Green Man, Golden yellow for the longer days to come as the wheel turns, Purple for the dark of the longest night/shortest day and for the spiritual aspects. Remember the dark half of the year is for turning inwards, for reflection. Purple is my colour for this.


Jean said...

I find your viewpoint on things rather interesting - even thought provoking. The colors you've chosen for your felt are full of life. My favorite, of course, the RED.

Anonymous said...

Wot, no Blue??? ;)

Huge pieces of felt - you'll be able to make loads! Do you have a Value source for felt?

Anonymous said...

I read your blog all the time.. i'd love to know where to learn things like what colours represent what ect.
Oh, i can ask you in ravelry :)


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