October 17, 2008

Autumnal and Samhain femmes are on their way

Thought I'd let you know that a new series of Femmes are on their way. Some for Autumn and some for Samhain/Halloween. That should give you an idea of colours:) Watch this space maybe tomorrow otherwise sunday for pictures. They will be available for adoption.
I've kept off the samhain shawl for the past couple of days to let my chest settle down. I've been making a couple of baby hats and pictures for those will follow when they are done. It has been fun knitting something different. We have been catching up with family and friends this week which has been good. Mr Mog got his results from the glucose tests, his sugar is normal, a relief to both of us.
Hopefully if the weather is ok tomorrow we will get out for a visit to the prom, the view today was absolutely stunning over the bay. Very clear. I have often noticed that cloudy skies can give incredible views. We could see clear across to the back mountains.


Artis-Anne said...

As usual you are a busy bee :) and I am so glad that test results are good.
We have had two !! dry days here and the it's such a tonic isn't it ?
Still no news re Tony's work , the suspense is the worst :(

Jean said...

I look forward to whatever knits you choose to share with your loyal viewers and hope to see more photos of the bay as well. I am still waiting for fall to come, the temperatures in Southern California is still in the 90's and difficult to knit sweaters and afghans (both of which I want to try knitting)

Herzblut said...

the femmes sound gorgeous.....if you ever have a wee butch for adoption, there's a good home a waiting for her here...thoughts of tiny Doc Martens dancing around in my head....seriously, would be lovely....
hugs and cathairs to you both

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