October 29, 2008

Samhain approaches and colourful days

I am still here its just been a little cold and I've been achey so not much blogging as the room is chilly.
I have been creating though and here is a little of what I've been crafting.Pictures not the best as its evening but these socks remind me of rhubarb and custard sweets. They are actually vivid yellow and bright red and very cherry to knit on. Yarn is from Onesheephill.com and I bought it last year I think. Sport weight so knits up quickly and they are for me.
Then- the Samhain shawl is almost finished. I'm halfway across the border and up to now it has taken over 6 hours to do the border despite being crochet. I think its all the curly whirlies:)

Colour will show better in daylight. It is very large and very warm. I won't be keeping it ,so if anyone is looking for a one of a kind shawl let me know. I'm always open to trades:)
I've got felt in plastic bags dyeing for the Yule femmes. They will be ready for viewing next week sometime.
Off to watch eggheads.


FairiesNest said...

Those look like the perfect socks to brighten a dark day!

Crobbles said...

Me Please... I'll swap!

Anonymous said...

Mr BW loves those dreadfully artifical sweets! Give me real rhubarb and custard by preference any day.

Lovely shawl. Once again.

Just Me said...

Beautiful shawl, the colour really talks to my inner druid :) Perhaps you'd let me commision you to knit one for me if this one is already promised.

And I love rhubarb and custard sweeties, and rosie apples, and pineapple chunks, and cough candy and all those other sweeties that I bought at the corner shop on the way to school every morning. What a blast from the past :)

Diane said...

It's been so wonderful to watch you make all these socks for such a wonderful cause. Sometimes even as your life takes the worst turn there are opportunities that open your eyes to see how a small kindness can mean the world to someone else.

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