October 31, 2008

Happy Samhain from the girls and I

Happy Samhain, hope you have a good day. I'll be staying with friends for the night but I'll be remembering all my ancestors, family, friends and those who have passed through the veil this past year. I just heard yesterday that a friend of ours had died on Wednesday. It was at my first open circle there that I met Mr Mog for the second time and decided he was the man for me:) I think it was the creative way he made a representation of a God and a Goddess figure using hard boiled eggs and a few arty crafty items. Farewell Sandy,I hope your passing was free from pain.

Mr Mog photographed the Samhain shawl today and pictures are further down the page, but first may I introduce you to the girls?

This one was quite taken with the rhubarb and custard socks as you can see.
She also has a tendency to show her bloomers, just like my nan used to:) Her totem is a spider as you can see.
This one also tends to flash her bloomers when sitting, not very ladylike but I don't think she is too worried. Her turtle totem certainly doesn't fret.
Madame here is far more demure, just ask the owl.
Granny watches over them all and is a dab hand with the pumpkin.

Here you see them all together on the incense cupboard. This contains all my incense ingredients, essential oils and such.
Yes that may be a sock on the fountain. Do you not keep yours there?

Another gratuitous pose. The three smaller witches were made for us quite a few years ago and have travelled to each new home quite happily. They measure around15 inches high.
The larger one came from a charity shop here last year for the princely sum of £4 and is around 20 inches high.
The Samhain shawl is finished and this is quite a good representation of the colour. Lydia looks quite fetching don't you think?

A touch of morning sunlight on it.

You can see it is very big. Length approx 40 inches on some of the longest tendrils and is approx 93inches wide.
Quite fills the line doesn't it? I've had one or two offers for it and it is definitely going to go to a new home somewhere, but where? I've started another one in the autumn colours. Will it be for me? Not sure yet.

Then the rhubarb and custard socks came out into the frosty morning for photos. This gives a better idea of the colour. They certainly cheer me up. I love the effect in amongst the lavetera.

One side pools more than the other but I like that effect. Lets face it if I wanted perfectly matched bog standard socks I'd go out and buy some.
This sock is a mix of 2 yarns from Cecelia, Patons purple heather 4ply in grey and an unnamed sock yarn. The colours go well together.
Answers to questions.
BW I purchased a 10 metre roll of the felt some years ago from a tiny habadashers near here. I must see if he is still there as I'm getting a little short on it now. I've done largeish pieces as I have some other ideas for it. Blue didn't seem to want to be dyed this time.
Jean I think we all have our ideas of what inspires us and what we believe, that makes for a wonderful mix I think:) The red is my favourite as well:) I'm thinking possible abundance purses in it.
The femmes are my way of celebrating the individual using the elements for inspiration. They are something I came up with many years ago while writing a story to submit to a magazine. The story led me into little figures and I had to stop writing and ask Mr Mog how can I make a doll? We came up with the idea of the first one which was much simpler than these are and from then on I've just had to keep designing them. Sometimes I go quite a while in between making them, sometimes I can't stop for days. I go with the flow. I call them femmes as they celebrate the inner self and mainly the feminine side. This doesn't mean they are just female, but that my female creativity is within them. Does that make sense? I've also found through the years that the one a person chooses reflects where they are at that time or something that they need in their life perhaps.
Phew hope that helps explain me somewhat.


Anonymous said...

The shawl is very spooky in how it changes colour. Actually, it is seriously spooking me out.

Please let me know if your man still has felt - I might be interested.

And I love the witches' noses!

Anonymous said...

I looooove the witches... beautiful shawl!

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