October 25, 2008

Bearfoot socks action men boots, and a watery femme.

I've finished another pair of socks.
Yarn: Mountain colours bearfoot in Indian Corn
Magic loop on knitpicks harmonys 3.25mm

Size made, large. I love the colour on these it really cheers up a dark day like today. These took just 3 evenings start to finish so I'm really pleased:)
Then I finished a watery femme for an online friend of mine.

She should be at her new home today so I can post her picture here.
I'm working on wing ideas for the Yule femmes. Not all of them will have wings,but several seem to be letting me know ,via my muse, that is what they would like.
I have an idea of what wings I want, raggy ones but still haven't come up with what seems right yet. Various experiments are sitting drying on the desk.
Today is dreadful. Non stop rain and wind and at 4pm it is dark already. We went out to try and get some fresh air on the prom and got soaked to the skin.
We went round the local charity shops looking for action men boots and found 3. Not 3 pairs but 3 boots. If anyone has any they don't want I'd love them please. I'm working on ideas for a few more butch femmes and they apparently will need Doc Marten style boots the muse has said. They aren't easy to make myself, I've tried, so action men look out your boots are wanted.


Anonymous said...

I love your watery femme!

Anonymous said...

Your rain from yesterday has got here this morning. Thanks ;)

Jean said...

I too like the colors of the socks especially for your fall/winter with the days being darker these will be a joyful burst of color and warmth. Hope you find your boots. Interesting doll, does this type of doll have a meaning? If so would you be so kind to share this?

Just Me said...

Hasn't the weather gone awful? We've had snow here today. Must have been snowing for a good hour. It didn't stick though. It just looks grey and horrible outside now.

I love your femmes. I'll be interested to see what the Yule ones look like :)

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