April 26, 2008

Why is it?

Why is it that the new eco washers take twice as long as the old twin tubs and early automatics? Surely it can't be better using more electricity?
Why is it that the stupid electric oven in this house takes over half an hour to cool after I finish baking? That takes electricity also for the fan.
Why is it that the self same oven has a cr*p grill function which only grills little parts?
This cooker was new in the house when we moved in just under a year ago, so it isn't an old model.
Why is it that just when the washer finished and Mr Mog went to pin the clothes on the line - it rained?
Can you tell I am feeling antsy today:))
Partly at missing Wonderwool, I'd hoped to meet up with rav friends etc but never mind.
I'm very sore and my knee is giving me he*l. Pills aren't working and my leg gives way more than normal. Think a visit to the quack is on the cards.
Sock knitting . Why is it that after all the vanilla socks I've made I ballsed up on the second Polgarth sock last night? I had done the heel and should have been turning it. For some reason I picked up all the stitches instead, started knitting then realised there were too many. Frogging isn't easy for me in night lights. I've done the heel now and started the foot but I'm not happy.
I thought I had lots of red yarn for my beltaine shawl and haven't:( The red mohair I thought was in the cupboard turned out to be boring camel:(
Grandsons are coming to stay over tonight. I've got chicken pieces marinading in soy sauce ready for chicken penne. I've an apple crumble ready for their dessert, just needs custard. I've rhubarb cheesecakes awaiting their 3/4 hour in the freezer and rhubarb cooling. Recipe courtesy of Delias new book how to cheat. Recipe is yummy. We had these last week and will be having them tonight:) I made 2 extra for my daughter to try.


Rosie said...

I think there must be something in the air at the moment, as I was having a day like that yesterday. Hope you'll all have a great time this evening!

twellve said...

i couldn't agree more, there must be something going around. have a number of 'whys' myself, including missing WonderWool because i had to go back into the office after already working a 40-hour/5-day workweek.

hope you enjoyed the nice weather today! fingers crossed things go better soon.

Anonymous said...

"Why is it that the new eco washers take twice as long as the old twin tubs and early automatics?"

Modern machines only cold fill. So, it takes longer to heat the water they need. Which, as you imply, is not a good thing, as, unless one has an instant water heating system, one is not using the water one has waiting already heated.

Everyone I know who has problems that flare up, myself included, has problems atm. As Rosie says, must be something going on. Hope you're feelig better soon.

Rhubarb cheesecake sounds yummy. Can it be made from scratch?

Anonymous said...

Do you really need the word verification on if you're moderating comments? It is almost indecipherable as it's so wavy now and always takes me 2 or 3 attempts - and I've just asked Mr BW to look and he couldn't work it out either, so it's not just my awful eyesight.

I am Witch, not machine ;)

Helen said...

I think the reason that the eco washer takes longer is because it washes at a lower temperature, and thus uses less electricity even although it takes longer.

But the reason for all your other complaints is that the cooker, like so many cookers, is badly designed. I think that some years ago there was a meeting and all the cooker manufacturers agreed that they would only put cr*p grill in cookers from now on. I've got one of those George Foreman grills and it's very good - not for cooking things rare, but for sausages and hamburgers and other things that need to be cooked thoroughly. Amazon does good prices on them, with free delivery.

I hope the rhubarb cheesecake cheered you up, and that your knee starts behaving itself soon.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I couldn't believe when I got my new washer and saw that there was only a cold water fill. Now it takes hours to do a wash unless I do a quick wash which is OK for things which aren't dirty. Things with stains on come out looking stained even with a scoop of the miracle wonder stain removers on the market these days. Bring back the washers that filled from the hot tap and took a half hour from start to finish.
When I look at the new cookers I keep willing my old oven to keep on trucking! Who says progress is always for the better? It's all built in obsolescence these days. Anything more than a couple of years old is unrepairable etc.

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