April 23, 2008

single socks looking for their twins

Yet more socks on the hospice trail:) The addiction hasn't lessened at all I am still enjoying the knitting of them.
I did 2 different socks this time and both are currently awaiting mates.
The very vivid is double knit yarn, unknown source. An odd ball I picked up somewhere. Aren't the colours bright? I love it so zingy and cheerful to knit.
The second sock is luscious. The yarn is very tactile. Like silky cashmere. It was gifted by a rav friend in Australia, Sue. It is 100% worsted Polwarth from Wendy Dennis (www.ballaratweb.net/wdennis) I shouldn't really tell you the source as I want it all for me:)) It has to be one of the best I've ever knit for smoothness and sensuality in every stitch. Don't you love the cute way the heel has wider stripes? I expected the toe to be same but it didn't do it there for some reason:)
Gorgeous day here today for St George's day. Mizzled this morning but at lunch time the sun came out and stayed out. Mr Mog tidied the garden and changed curtains in the living room for me. We had awful dusky pink ones that were in when we moved. Made the window very dismal. Finally changed them today for some golden cream ones I had and it has opened the room up and made it lighter.
We are off to Ulverston tomorrow to visit a friend of ours. Hopefully the weather will be good. Sadly the yarn shop there that I loved(spin a yarn) has gone . No stash enhancement then. Probably a good idea looking at the pile of socks waiting to be knit up. Then there is still the Beltaine shawl languishing behind the chair. Must find some redder yarns to finish off the bottom, it has far too much amber and oranges. Well I suppose those are fire colours also.


yvette said...

I love the heel of your sock, it has striped so nicely.
Hope you had a nice day out and it stayed sunny for you.

dreamcatcher said...

Love all the socks you have been knitting, am off to check out the Wendy Dennis site now :-)

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