April 05, 2008

Mini sock swap, wollmeise goodies

Odds n sods today:)
Firstly I received my lovely tiny sock from the wee sock swap.It was made for me by Alissa
Isn't it lovely? The pound coin is for comparison. It measures approx 2 and 3/4 inch long and the foot is approx 2inches.
Then second and third pictures are my wollmeise order which arrived yesterday. Aren't the colours fab? Socks I think for some of it but I'm thinking the birkenrind(black/white one) would make a lovely shadow shawl. It would celebrate the twilight times of dawn and dusk when the veil is thinnest. Do you agree?
2 weeks of treatment left for Mr Mog which will soon pass. Last day is 18th April. I'm hoping to get to Wonderwool week after but need to see if I can find cheap accom first. Its rather too far to go there and back in the day. It would be nice to go and meet up with online friends. I know several of them are going, well lots actually when I start to count up.
Off to do some knitting now. Hare moon 1st Sock almost finished. Picture tomorrow.


Roobeedoo said...

So much wollmeise! And the skeins are so big, a shawl is definitely a good idea - lovely!

Mack said...

I love the idea of a shawl with some of the yarn. Is there a pattern someplace for a "shadow" shawl. Sounds lovely with the black and white. Thanks for such an enjoyable blog.

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