April 15, 2008

Tiger, tiger

I've been quiet but still a little productive. I've finished my first tiger sock from the yarn Maylin gifted and I'm over half way through sock the second. These are a little larger than my normal pattern. I figured that it would be good to have a variety of sizes to show at the end of the year. What do you think? Isn't the yarn gorgeous?
Yarn details:-
Opal 6-fach 150g, 420 m ball.Colour tiger, naturally:)
I think I'll have around 40 gms left, enough for some smaller socks also:)

Received a fabulous gift for the hospice socks from Sue in Australia, aren't these colours luscious and don't they go well with the card Sue sent? Thank you Sue I will really enjoy knitting these up.

Then Rosie(Caught knitting) sent me the results of her kool aid experiment at Skip North, dyed on trekking and perfect hot summer colours aren't they? Thanks again Rosie. This has made me determined to find a microwave and test the kit that Vicky sent me:))
I've been awfully tired hence the quiet blog. This travellling has got to me as well as Mr Mog. We have only 3 more days to go though:) I've been very sire, painfully so and exceedingly tired.
How is Mr mog you say? He is doing brilliantly, a little sore on his skin where the treatments go, very tired from early evening and we have had many early 9pm nights. But over all he is well. So many people have said they can't see anything wrong with him. I think that is one of the major drawbacks, if that is the right word, with prostate cancer. You don't look ill, the symptoms can be embarassing for the age group that it usually attacks and for that reason they never like to go and be checked out. But please anyone with male family members experiencing difficulty passing water, or change in the way they pass water , do get it checked out.
You know it makes sense.
After Friday we have 6 weeks to wait to see the Oncologist and get the results. To see if it is a cure or remission. We all know what the hope is don't we?
It will be good to have next week as a lazy week, to get up when we like and not to have to travel. Most appointments have been between 8.30 and 9.40am so early days each time.
I'm keeping fingers crossed we can afford to go to Wonderwool, not to buy anything but for the social aspect and meeting up with online friends. I still haven't found a place to stay overnight that isn't sky high prices. If we are meant to go we will
We are staying over at a friends tonight, that will make the morning journey a little less stressful tomorrow. We are going for a bar meal tonight then back to Ms for a leisurely catch up.


Roobeedoo said...

You are both definitely due a long lie in!
Lovely tiger!

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I just want to add my bit to Amber's plea for men to get checked out. My father kept his symptoms to himself for far too long. Probably too embarasssed to tell a GP or even my mum and by the time we realized the cancer was too advanced to be cured. So please get any of your men with symptoms no matter how slight they might appear to get fully checked out.
Take it easy next week. Take time to recharge your batteries by having a lazy week. Stay in bed if you want. Hope you manage to get to Wonderwool as it's nice to meet up with friends.

Joy said...

Those tiger feet are lovely :-)

I made a pairfor me last year in 6-ply, Mr A nicked them as soon as I hd finished them :-(

maylin said...

Nearly done then! It will such a relief I am sure. I do hope you both make it to Wonderwool - it will be so nice to meet you in person.

Twelfthknit said...

Haven't been to your blog for a long time, so I was really sorry to hear about Mr Mog.

Wishing you the best news in 6 weeks,

Anonymous said...

Just to point out that you don't need to have *any* symptoms at all. My father was in Stage 4 (with bone and lymph mets) before he knew... he had backache for a couple of months before, but his GP kept sending him away with painkillers. It was a locum GP who thought laterally. But, alas, too late.

All men over 50 should be automatically screned, and we need to shout at every opportunity about it to get our 'government' to do something about this issue.

Glad to hear things are going well for Mr Mog. Enjoy the rest next week. You both deserve it.

Linda said...

Have a lovely, relaxing week and I will be wishing for the best outcome at the 6 week time for you. x Love the tiger socks.

Priestess~Harper said...

Hey Mr Mog, sending you and the Mrs lots of sparkles!

I felt you should be awarded a certificate for getting through radiotherapy. I certainly wanted one! *lol*

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