April 07, 2008

results of dyeing:)

I think I mentioned I'd been dyeing? Here are the results of it. I hope you like them.
Firstly 3 pair of cheap socks transformed for Mr Mog,
Next 2 charity shop skirts, Frilly one and 1 fromWallis. Frilly won't fit me sadly its a 12 so that will have to be passed on to some one.
Then a failure:( I had thought the laces were cotton, they obviously aren't as the rainbow colours I painted them to match my boots have leached away:( I'll have to look for some cotton once more.
Then the favourite piece:) Crocheted with loads of beads as you can see, was off white. Cost 50pence:)) I love this.


Joanna said...

gorgeous dyeing Amber, all looks fabulous!

Brahdelt said...

These are totally wonderful! I've been dyeing my Capri cardigan with violet and tried to get an even shade all over but I was mistaken!... I should have gone wild with colours and I would have similar juicy results like you have. Great job! *^v^*

yvette said...

Its all so pretty, I love the little top, shame about the laces though.

inkberryblue said...

The lacy crochet top looks gorgeous. What lovely (and inspiring) work!

Dez Crawford said...

I love it all! Shame about the laces.

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