April 20, 2008

Tiger socks finished

Finished my tiger socks . I love this yarn from Maylin it knits wonderfully and looks stunning:) Thank you Maylin
We aren't going to Wonderwool. It is too far to do in a day and the costs for B&B plus fuel plus food would be too much. That doesn't include having money for any yarn purchases either.
I'm hoping to get to Woolfest again.
Mr Mog has put some pictures of his dolls house/garage conversion up on his blog. He seems to be getting in to using the internet a little better now.
I've got a couple of different socks on the needles, photos soon. I'm also trying to find some more bright reds for my beltane shawl. I seem to have gone into oranges and ambers a wee bit too much:)

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