October 22, 2006

Walk on the wild side

A gentle walk today as my lungs and chest are wheezy from the head cold that this weeks trip to England provided. Hope you like the pictures, this woodland walk is just across from our home and looks different each time you go in there. I love the trees and walls with crannies, a place to head into the underworld or other world? especially as we head towards Samhain when the veil between the worlds is thinnest. This week has been a strange one. I've had a very heavy head cold all week which didn't help but boy when I did sleep what strange dreams I've had. Everything from taking Margaret Thatcher foraging for fungi to spinning moss for blankets:))
Seemed that each time I awoke and then drifted back into sleep there was an even more bizarre dream awaiting me. Knitting, I've done more on the sideways jacket, hopefully photos tomorrow. I'm also finished with the fire shawl and have started a Samhain shawl in blacks to reflect the dark half of the year. Other knitting stuff I received my copy of Yarn forward and its definately one to subscribe to if this first issue is anything to go by. Some very good patterns, lots of interesting articles and inspiration. Plus no pages and pages of how to cast on, knit purl etc. And yes I know that some people picking the mag up won't know how to do that but there are books to teach without doing like the other British magazines and filling many pages with the basics. It gets a tad boring each month to read the same old thing. I'll not be renewing either Simply knitting or Knitting they are too samey IMO, I will stick to Yarn forward and Interweave knits in the future.
If you haven't purchased Yarn forward do it now, lets encourage Kerrie to keep it going


Anonymous said...

Those were beautiful photos indeed. Thank you. I would love very much to have such a place close by, would take those walks daily. Loving the rocks, moss, trees, could almost smell it. Sounds as if you're feeling a bit better, dreams and all aside, although I did rather enjoy hearing about spinning the moss! :) Looking forward to seeing the shawls, I just named a sweet tortie cat 'Sam' in honour, her colours are lovely.
Ms. Knitingale needs you to get in touch with her (I apologize if you already have) about your information on the 'Comfort Swap".
Have you gotten more heat in your home? in your crafting room?

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

I do know what you mean about the UK knitting magazines - they just don't have the same creativity, the same oomph as the New World ones. Haven't looked at Yarn Forward yet but will do - thanks for the reference.

And love your images of the gates to the Otherworld. And spinning moss for the lightest of woodland winter blankets is a lovely idea - must try it in my own dreams.
Celtic Memory Yarns

Anonymous said...

I just received your comment on my blog, nice to see you dropping by. My personal email is opakawumpa@yahoo.com I would love an issue of the new Yarn Forward (I didn't have much luck finding it online), please, we can email...and I would very much like to know what I may send to you.

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