October 01, 2006

Catch up time and sunrise circle jacket

No photos its been a busy week. We are still looking after our 2 grandsons Tuesday through to Thursday each week, another 3 to go:) It means that at the moment I'm only able to get on line Friday to Monday another reason I am quiet. Great fun spending time with the boys but very tiring also. The journey is a long one each way and what do we do when we are there while they are at school? I don't like to sit in all day its far too boring for this moggie. I can only do so much knitting and crochet a day. We have been going out soon as boys at school, catching up with friends and generally just mooching about. Last week we went to Hebden Bridge one day, I love HB especially on Wednesdays when the junk market is on, although sadly the hippy stalls of last year are gone now and its mainly antique type stuff. Attica the wool shop was closed so no browsing there. I did however score 2 cones of mixed yarns 50p each, they are made of a black core yarn with various colours plied with the black and I think may make a shawl mixed with something else. We had a great lunch at o ne of the veggie places and a stunning journey back with views for miles across the moors.
This week I think we are having one day in Lancaster and one in the trough of bowland maybe going through to Clitheroe.
Sunrise jacket, I have a yen to knit this:) Anyone done so and have yarn suggestions? I'm fancying a rainbow effect (sunrise colours naturally) I didn't want to use silk garden what else is there?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words about my Sunrise Circle jacket. The Sunrise Circle Knitalong at http://sunriseknitalong.blogspot.com/ has loads of completed jackets, including one in Noro Kureyon, so you can have a look before committing yourself. But it's a lovely knit and I'm ploughing through the second sleeve now.

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