October 24, 2006

Along the Raiders road we go

Today I'm taking you all on a little trip alon g the ancient raiders road:) I've plenty of photos to see along the way so pay attention there at the back, you don't want to miss anything now do you? Pics may be back to front but I'm sure you will make sense of them all and if you are very good there are knit pictures afterwards.
We set off along the Loch where there is nary a ripple to be seen, so still it lies. The branch in the water had such a serene look to it I knew you would want to see it. As we drove alongside the loch this morning the sky was blue but all the moutains had mist and cloud on, we had such a heavy frost last night. Just after the loch there are new trees and 2 roe deer were enjoying the taste. Sadly soon as I got the camera ready they ran just out of view but imagine their faces watching us as if to say "hurry along there please, more trees to be eaten".
Then we turned on to the Raiders road, this is only open April to October officially as it is a working forest. First things to see? Millions of trees adorned with spider webs and of course with the frost they sparkled so prettily.
We then arrived at what I think is called Bennan Loch or water which has an old railway viaduct and I'm sure you will agree the pictures from there are lovely. Yet more spider webs just because I like them:)
Our next main stopping off point, and you won't want to miss it, is the otter pool. Sadly no otters there except a stone one but lets use our imagination and see them frolicking among the rocks.
The trees around here grow on mounds, I think they may be the remains of older trees but not sure. Anyway they make for a strange picture don't they?
From the otter pool if you are ready? We go to the labrynth. This is my most favourite place on the raiders road . Made by a local artist and the idea is to choose a stone and as you walk into the labrynth focus on something you want to get rid of in your life, don't look around you remember you are focusing and there is time to look on your journey outwards.. At the centre leave your stone with a thank you. Then, look around you as you walk out you feel light hearted and you can enjoy the view of the mountains and trees that you can see. A labrynth revitalises and refocuses I find. Any friends wanting to visit then this is one of the places we will take you:) (Yarn stores also of course)
So did you enjoy your journey on the raiders walk?
Stay tuned for yarn and knitting contents


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking me on your walk :) I'm beginning to look forward to your photos.


Anonymous said...

Ach, I am so sorry about that cardi, pesky armholes, eh?
What a lovely jaunt! It was all beautiful...I like spiders, there's only 1 type I cannot tolerate to be close by but the rest in my neck of the woods seem to be just fine, and I love looking at all the different webs. I've also raised my grandchildren to be respectful and appreciative. I truly loved all the photos, the trees growing out of the mounds...you can almost see the giant mother root...Loch Ken, my da's name was Kenneth (William) and we are of Scots blood, and someday I do hope to come visit your beautiful homeland! I would definitely walk the labrynth...
Thank you so much.

artyfartykat said...

What a beautiful place to live. I love the idea of the labyrinth. The shawls look fabtoo

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