October 08, 2006

Autumnal mists in abundance and the mog is sorting vintage patterns

I awoke to the most fantastic dragons breath across the forest. It rose and fell around the various trees as it went gently across the meadow. Some parts swirled as I watched as though the dragon took a breath at that point. Dragons breath always reminds me of the Arthurian films and the listening to old fables with my nanny by the fire. When she started a tale you huddled closer to the warmth of the fire becuase you never knew if it would be scarey or no. Most had a little scaryness within them after all thats what makes the best of tales surely?
It is starting to be very cold now chez moggies and I am taking some adjusting to living with that. No instant heat from the flick of a switch, we have to get the fire lit then wait for the heat to percolate through the pipes. I'm still awaiting a new wood burner in the craft room so as I type I have my Children of Lir shawl across the shoulders, it is so warm and a comfort to wear Jo. However it does tend to take me off on strange journeying:))
I had strange dreams last night with it being full moon, very exhausting and a pleasure to wake from.
I'm busy sorting out vintage patterns for putting on ebay, lots from the 40s and 50s in knit and crochet. I will never make them so I'm thinking sell them or trade if anyone collects?? I can always use new yarn for the stash, but then can't we all?
I felt a great sense of relief putting the Ashford on ebay, it isn't looking at me in quite the same way now it knows it is going to someone who will apreciate it,. There again always open to offers if anyone wants one?
I am going to go finish the cavendish throw now, maybe pics later/ I will leave you with a picture of some of the old patterns


Anonymous said...

I thought dragon's breath was peculiar to our family! Glad you find it interesting too! We live up high and it often curls through the valley while we are in winter sun!
I must look up the Children of Lir shawl - in Wales he is Lyr. And to me Lear of course! Shawl and throw weather is definitely coming on, but the Headmaster wants to resist lighting the first fire until Half Term.
Had my first bath in 3 months by the light of the moon last nught!

Anonymous said...

We have dragon's breath around here also....How much are you wanting for your spinning wheel?

Anonymous said...

Have you sold your spinning wheel yet?

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