October 12, 2006

Home again, home again

Great giddiness as we have come home from baby sitting early:) We actually took the boys to school this morning and then came home instead of tonight or tomorrow morning and what joy:) Our most thoughtful neighbour ,dear sister that she is, lit the fire so we came home to warmth. Its been a wet few days for us and the mog has suffered greatly with the cold and damp, BUT as we came past Gretna on the final leg home the sun came out and stayed that way,. The view over the mountains was mightily nice and had misty edges to it as it does in autumn. My house was welcoming and I had goodies to open which is always a good thing. Photos to follow when camera is found. I received a large cone of yellow mohair from an ebay seller and some knit picks in sage from a destash in the states. Never used this, not sure now I've got it that its me but we will see. I've done around 12 inches of the restrained cardigan (VBG). I was a wee bit too sore for sustained knitting this week.
Only other bit of news was so so sad. A dear friend of mine who I purchased my first narrowboat from quite a long while ago is terminally ill. I have known he and his wife for around 20 years I'd guess, we don't see lots of each other but when we get together its as if we only spoke yesterday. I'd last seen them early May before the move and R looked very frail then. He was awaiting a scan for indigestion probs. It is one of the times that I really hate being psychic for lack of a better word. I saw him and had a dreadful cold shiver and death feel eminating from him. I told Mr Mog when we went home but put it down to being tired etc etc. For one reason and another I hadn't spoken to them, Tuesday I rang as it had been niggling me. His wife answered and as we chatted I asked how R was, "well "she said" as you know the cancer is inoperable". I didn't know what to say. He has stomach and liver cancer is on constant chemo and has told doctor he doesn't want to know how long. They can't operate and its only a matter of time. What do you say? We are going to see them next week and J said "you know we were only speaking of you last week and saying how much you cheer us and that we always feel better after you have visited". I now have to try and do just that next week and I know it will be oh so hard.

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Marianne said...

That is very sad news indeed about your friend. I'm thinking as hard and sad it will feel for you, you'll do fine and bring him cheer, comfort, and good feelings, for you both know his remaining time is a known and therefore be ever more precious for all. Make good time.

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