October 07, 2006

It's Saturday night and full moon

The moon is full on this Saturday night and I feel energised from her light. We are heading towards Samhain, the Celtic new year and a time to reflect on what is left behind in the old year and what aspirations, hopes and dreams await in the new. With this in mind I'm selling the Ashford spinning wheel. It sits in the corner of my craft room and looks at me. It asks why I don't want to play and makes me feel guilty. I can't spin,. it hurts way too much so no more trying for me. I am going to stick to the yarn skills I can enjoy, such as knit and crochet. Someone else will give it a better home so on to ebay it goes. Its been a hectic week , grandsons were great and fun to be with. However it rained every day we were there which spoilt our mooching about some what. I have been so sore with all the damp weather and that doesn't help. We have another 3 weeks to do and then no 400 mile round trips. I haven't done much knitting til I got home but the noro cavendish blanket is almost done, tomorrow should show pictures all being well. My craft room is now as I want it and I have my altar set up which is good. I always like to have a light burning when I'm in there it is a visible connection with the goddess and also a light to show my muse where to come visit:) She needs all the help she can get these days. My muse is a flighty creature, she visits as and when she chooses it has nothing to do with when I'd like her help. However the days she comes she inspires, she tantalises and teases me into crafting.
Words from nowhere and nothing except that I'm low with pain perhaps?
For earth below so beautious lies
where man belongs and has his ties

For after all we view life as monochromatic
shades of one colour cluster around us
all colours one within our sight
difference is in shade, light or dark
washed with the morning sun
or evening moonlight
my red is your blue


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry the damp is causing you pain. I have been willing it to rain for months and am now revelling in having a running spring again. I too always have a candle burning when I work in my studio - which at the moment is not at all as it is filled with Binky's stuff until her house purchase goes through. Although I knit and sew up in the house, I need to draw and write down there - can't wait! Hope your muse soons settles in for a long visit!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh. I'm so sorry that it hurts to spin. There may be a day coming, though when you miss your wheel and feel well enough to spin. I just bought an Ashford electronic for my aching days. It gives me the choice to spin, not to spin, or to use my traditional wheels. Maybe the would be a good choice for you. Feel better...
Sara in WI

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