September 15, 2015

Shades of green

Autumn rushes ever nearer. Today has been freezing and it's a real shock to the system after last weeks heat.

 My tarot cards have been a mixed bunch this week. Lots of air cards. Almost as though the old ones are urging new ideas upon me. Look, listen as we speak. I do have thoughts of new things to make, new things to try in my femmes. New ideas for journal pages. A need to use some of the ephemera that sits in the IKEA boxes.

But I procrastinate, something catches my attention and I follow . A butterfly landing on the nasturtiums outside the front door, then rises to kiss my cheek before flying away.

The goldfinches on next doors tree, shouting as they fly amongst the branches.

The dawn light so different at this time of the year.

But I have started my "all about me " journal and that inspires also. A need to write my life as I remember each bit. Starting at around 4 years of age as that was the time I was happiest as a child. Despite the operations and hospital stays it was a happy time with my grandparents, away from home.

So from that time I write, although snippets of earlier days have crept in already.

The pictures are from a recent visit to the Galloway forest park. I hope you like.

1 comment:

Antoinette said...

Oh I'm so happy to read that you're writing your story down ambermog! Such beautiful soul work. It's amazing how much memory - the bits we thought were lost - can unfurl in the process. The snippets as you say. All the best with your endeavours, and many blessings to you. xx

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