September 17, 2015

Autumn splendours

Today was glorious so we decided it had to be a walk in the woods. If that included a walk by the sea even better.
 We took a path through the woods, one that beckoned and called us on, ever onwards.

Past ferns that glowed in the autumn sunlight , patterns that made me want to print from them.

Lush rich greens.

The path led through lots of different trees, some magnificent specimens many years old.

Some scenes had barely any colour as we trod ever deeper into the woodland

Then the merest green tucked in amidst the roots.

Some fallen branches stacked to make tepees, awaiting new residents.
To be continued...

1 comment:

Antoinette said...

How utterly magical! Your woodlands have me swooning. It's a sublime time of the year - your Autumn, my Spring. A time when the spirits of the forest feel particularly alive, and close to the human world. xx

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