September 29, 2015

Autumn scenes

More moon pictures because this months moon is so beautiful. These were taken last night when she first appeared above the house 
I have felt great peace within my heart as I stood outside each night waiting for her to rise

She has calmed my fears and given me strength 

Today we took our eldest grandson to the Lakes as he wished to ride a few passes before starting university 

We left him at the start of his first pass and then Mr Mog and I enjoyed the beauty of the lakes by car. Far less strenuous for both of us.

Most of these are taken from a moving car because despite it being the end of September the Lake District was exceedingly busy and it seemed like every spare piece of ground was occupied by cars, even quite a few of the passing places 

But I think you can see we had a perfect day for our jaunt

Our grandson enjoyed himself immensely. We did have a confusing time when we were trying to contact him and vice versa. Lots of the lakes has no mobile signal which makes me wonder why the rescue organisations tell people to always have a mobile phone with them when they climb the hills.

What use will it be? 


Antoinette said...

that countryside is truly astounding. Such a beautiful part of the world.

And your pictures of the moon are amazing! I can never photograph the moon well - it always looks like a smudged lightbulb when I do it. I can feel the peace emanating from your pictures. xx

Blue Witch said...

You're right, The Moon has been amazing. On the night of the eclipse I found it too bright to look at directly.

You did well to avoid getting cars in your pictures!

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