September 28, 2015

Of moons and magpies

I love magpies  and they are one of my totems or that's how I think of them.
I used to be afraid of seeing them when I was much younger. I thought it was bad luck. If I saw one I searched for ages to find a second to neutralise the bad luck. Then I did a lot of meditating on my fears around magpies and decided perhaps my fears were telling me something. That maybe magpie was telling me to face my fears, rather than run away. Also magpies are brightly plumaged , I love a spot of colour in my own outfits. They use that colour and I too use my colours to shield , to lift my spirits when I feel low.
Once I thought it through I knew magpies were part of my life and as such I always greet them whenever one is to be seen.

We have always had lots around chez Moggie and at this time of year we normally see three together on the roof, in the garden and quite often tapping hallo on the conservatory roof as they did this morning. Mr Mog took these pictures for me when the magpies landed on the aerial over the road
Aren't they stunning birds? And yes I know they eat a lot of young birds but nature isn't always sweetness and light sadly.

Last night was the super moon and the lunar eclipse as I am sure most people were aware of. These pictures were taken before the eclipse. Around midnight . I did get up at 3-30 but couldn't see anything from front or back of the house and to have gone outside would have woken Mr Mog. He isn't sleeping very well with this sore back and to be honest neither am I. I think I am worrying a little more than normal and night time, or early morning, is when it is at its worst. So I didn't go out to watch the eclipse but could feel the energies waxing and waning all through the night. 

It feels almost as though a weight has been lifted today. I have felt almost giddy with the lack of pressure on my head. I am hoping that the energies have changed and that we have a better dark half of the year. I hope you do too.

I've been looking at all the incredible pictures around the web of the eclipse, truly magical and awe inspiring.

How was it with you?

Today I have been painting 2 small canvases with gesso ready to collage things on them to creat an underwater scene. I haven't felt like spinning for a few days and my knitting has been on a shawl for a swap I am in.

Once it's finished and the receiver has opened her parcel I will post pictures. I am quite pleased with progress but getting a little worried that my handspun may run out before the pattern is completed. It will be a close run thing.

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