September 22, 2015

Autumn splendours part 2 and Happy Equinox

It is Equinox Eve a time of equal day and night. A time of balance. The world stands still, waiting for the turn towards the dark half of the year. I wish you all a happy Equinox .
So another look at the glorious woods

A magical place to spend time in

Paths that lead into tunnels of green

Ever onwards we are led

The trees whisper and cajole us  to come closer

There are glimpses of stone

I hope you liked the walk in the woods with me.


Antoinette said...

Your land makes me ache for Home. An old ancestral pull.

Wishing you the most magical and lovely of Autumn Equinoxes m'dear. And may the golden season give you pleasure and peace. xx

Blue Witch said...

Lovely light in those tree pics.

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