September 23, 2015

Mabon, Autumn Equinox or Spring equinox ? Call it what you will

No matter what you call it we are now at the time of equal night and day. In this neck of the woods The autumnal equinox and the other side of the world it's their Spring Equinox.
I decided the turn of the wheel needed to be celebrated among trees and I hope you like the pictures

This turn of the wheel is a special one for me. I love the changing colours, the smell of the earth especially when you are among trees. It transports me to a magical place.

Water represents emotions and it has been an emotional few months for us both. Neither of us has had energy this summer and we both welcomed the autumns arrival

Yesterday was oncology day for Mr Mog and it seemed apt, although unwelcome,  that the turn of the wheel brought change in his cancer journey.

He has had a bad back for a few weeks and after thoroughly checking the latest scans his oncologist decided that it was time for a new drug regime. 

One of the masses is around his sciatic area and she thinks that is probably causing some of the problem. So new drugs for a new season. Abiraterone plus steroids. To be added to his current medicines. The abiraterone  have to be taken an hour before eating so breakfast is the best time. Then the steroids with or after breakfast.

Hoping that the new regime give him as long as the last ones have. The oncologist reminded him that there is also chemo after this so we haven't reached the last option yet

Bitter sweet time of year but days like these help us both

I wish you a fruitful harvest and to my friends over the seas I wish you a productive Spring.

1 comment:

Blue Witch said...

Great to see you writing again Amber!

But, sorry to hear your news. Hope you both enjoy autumn. We're certainly having a lovely few days of golden sunshine down sarf.

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