November 13, 2015

Keeping on keeping on - just. Ps lots of pictures

It has been a while hasn't it? I didn't mean to be absent so long, sorry. How have things been with you? Good I hope?
It's been a mixed kind of time for us chez Moggie.
I made cards again. This was my first venture into cards in a long while. I thought Samhain was a good time to start.
 I played with boxes, paint and stuff from the craft drawers.

I found it therapeutic stencilling, glueing and painting.

Not sure who for, but it was the doing that was important.

Close ups - just because


I knit a sock on our visits to oncology

I did a shawl for a swap and a cowl for a swap. Then decided maybe I ought to knit a cowl for me

I did another box, just because I wanted to

I spent lots of time this past couple of weeks at doctors with Mr Mog

Trying to find the right painkiller combination as the back pain moved from lower back to under the shoulder blades and was so painful that breathing in hurt

We spent Monday at the ambulatory care unit at the local hospital while they did tests to see why painkillers weren't helping.

Chest X-ray, ecg and blood tests came back ok, apart from the White blood cells being raised

Doctor decided not to do scans as Mr Mog is at oncology this next week 
We went back to doctors for different painkillers as yet again they were only taking the edge off the pain.

We went back again yesterday for more drugs and these helped a little more. 

But night wasn't good so today doctor added in diazepam to help with muscle  spasms.

We wait for Tuesday, wondering if the cancer has moved again. It's going to be a long weekend
But friends are due to visit and that will help. Laughter is a great distraction and knowing people care. The doctor is wonderful, an old fashioned type of caring doctor .one who has asked us to ring him after oncology to let him know how we are and what has happened.
Isnt that good? 
Watch this space and please send all the vibes you can, they will be very gratefully received.
Thank you


Antoinette said...

I knew you were talented, but my word! That box is exquisite.

And I'm just so sorry that Mr Mog is unwell. I'm sending you all of the good vibes..and thinking of you lots. I hope there is some relief for you and Mr Mog. So good to hear that you have such a lovely oncologist on the scene. It makes all the difference, hey? A human being with not just the expertise, but a heart as well.

Hugs and best wishes. xxx

Blue Witch said...

I recognise that card! Most professional!

Thank you for ours, it arrived while we were away and I'm sorry I haven't been in touch sooner.

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