January 30, 2012


Half an hour early to hospital as roads were clear. We have to go early to ensure we don't get stuck in traffic. Appointments running an hour late which didn't help. Seeing people going in after our arrival and our appointment time .
Asked nurse when would it be us and was told sorry you should have gone in.
Eventually called and instead of normal consultant and 1 nurse there were 2 nurses, consultant and senior urology nurse.
Made us both wonder what was going on.
PSA is up 20% so scans called for. Waiting for appointments for them.
 Next appointment in 6 weeks for results then decisions depending on spread through bones.
1 hormone stopped and 1 injected hormone continued.
Details of drug trials being sent for our perusal.
Always astounds me that many people have prostate cancer with scores hundreds higher than Mr Mogs and yet they are ok. Apparently it is where the cells are in which part of the prostate that is the problem hence Mr Mogs score is actually low but not if you see what I mean.
We came home and Mr Mog has been working on his train layout as the sun is shining although it is extremely cold here.

Next post will be cheery as it is almost time for the 7th annual silent poetry reading for Brigid. I'm taking part. Are you?


Blue Witch said...

*adds another ingredient to the cauldron and stirs slowly and pensively*

Hope the appointments come through quickly. Stay positive.

PMA can overcome PSA.

I shall keep spelling on it :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Keep your spirits up, Mr and Mrs Mog! Looking forward to reading your poem in honour of Brigid on Feb 2nd. I'll be posting one too.

Freyalyn said...

Anything resembling the medical profession seem hopeless at appointments - I get really cross at the wasted time when I give blood, even if I do make an appointment. Give Mr Mog a hug from me, and see you soon at Trawden if all goes well!

Roobeedoo said...

Good luck with the next round of appointments. I find it marks the passage of time quite well having regular appointments and lets me judge how fast I am knitting! I aim for a new pair of socks once a month so I ought to be on sock 2 by the mid-point, when the next scan appointment should be due... etc!

Leanne said...

saending love, and hope and positivity amber, holding you both in my thoughts. Leanne x

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