January 31, 2012


As I think most of you know I've always made elemental figures or femmes. When I first started making them I also dabbled in making art dolls from cloth, paper, wood you name it.
This rather went by the wayside once I took up spinning and dropped paper arts but I have a fancy to start again.
I've been thinking of dipping my toe in the doll making waters for a week or three and as I have lots of stuff that would be suitable I'm thinking of just doing it and seeing what happens. I think the Imbolc creativity magic of Brigid is rubbing off on me.
I don't really know what I want to do (or indeed why) but who knows where the muse will take us?
I used to subscribe to Art Doll Quarterly when it first began and have put out a plea for anyone who has some taking space up to maybe pass them on to me. Not because I want to copy but I want to immerse myself in figure inspiration to help the starting .
Am I silly? Maybe but you know I don't care the dolls are calling:)

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